Letterpress printing

Here at Reykjavík Letterpress we have specialized in letterpress printing, which is one of the oldest forms of printing but with a modern twist.

The result is tactile and unique, as the graphics and type is pressed into the soft paper so it becomes tangible, which the traditional printing method can not achieve. Back in the day they used to work with moveable type (made of led or wood) to form words and sentences. Today, we do our graphics on the computer and enjoy the freedom of being able to choose from countless fonts and graphics. The file is then developed on to a photopolymer printing plate, a strong resin that can be extruded deep into thick paper.


We print 1 color at a time and use the Pantone Uncoated color system.


Starting cost causes the prices pr. piece to lower when printing more pieces at at time, but of course we can also print from 1 piece up to thousands.


The method is somewhat more complex and time-consuming than for example digital printing, so 7-10 days are required in the printing process after the layout is determined.

We do offer the design if needed, but we also print other designer’s work too.

Get a quote here or contact reykjavik [at] letterpress.is for more information.